frequently asked questions

Q. Who is Discount Florida Car Rental?
A. We are authorized booking agents for most major international car rental companies. We have negotiated cheap rates for Florida Car Rentals. Our mission is to find you the best discount rate tailored to your Florida rental requirements. Search for discount, promotional and local special rates. This is a free service. There are no additional charges for your Florida car rental.
Q. What do I need to bring along when I pick my vehicle up?
A. You will need your confirmation number, a valid driver's license and a credit or debit card in your name. For more information on accepted Credit/Debit cards please refer to the company's terms & conditions page. Debit cards require either a MasterCard logo or a Visa logo. Foreign nationals should also have their passport along.
Q. Is there an advantage to using a credit or debit card?
A. Debit cards are subject to more restrictions than credit cards. Debit cards require either a MasterCard logo or a Visa logo. They may limit young drivers aged 21-24 years to a limited vehicle selection. Some companies preform a credit check on your debit card by a third party. This may impact your credit rating. Some companies require you have proof of a round-trip ticket.
Q. I did not make a deposit. Is my reservation still guaranteed without any credit information?
A. All reservations are guaranteed. No credit information is taken till you pickup at the location.
Q. What is your cancellation policy?
A. Cancel at any time without penalty. You may cancel by return email or on this website.
Q. Are there any age restrictions?
A. You must be 21 or older when you pickup. There is a daily young Driver fee of $27-$35/day for drivers aged 21-24. Vehicle choices may be restricted to economy through full size. Some companies do not accept debit cards from young drivers.
Q. Are there any hidden charges?
A. All mandatory charges are included in your total. Optional services and products are not included; gasoline, insurance and navigational devices for example. We suggest that you supply your own insurance to save money. Your base rental rate is guaranteed. The taxes are estimated and subject to change as they are administered by third parties .
Q. Explain the difference between the daily rate and weekly rate?
A. The weekly rates applies for rentals of 6 to 7 day. Additional days past the weekly rate are at the daily rate.
Q. What are the standard features for all vehicles?
A. All rental vehicles are low mileage current models and will have air-conditioning, power steering and automatic transmission. Unlimited mileage is included in all rental rates.
Q. Can we choose the exact model and color of the vehicle?
A. When you reserve the car you can not specify a make, model or color, but when you get to the rental desk you can make a request which they will endeavor to accommodate provided they have the vehicle in stock.
Q. What are the child restraint regulations in Florida?
A. All children under the age of 18 must be buckled up while riding in any car, pickup truck, or van on Florida's roads, no matter where they are sitting in the vehicle. Children through the age of 3 must be secured in a federally approved child-restraint seat. Children ages 4 through 5 must be secured by either a federally approved child-restraint seat or a safety belt. Drivers are responsible for buckling up the child. Child safety seats are available at the counter; depending on the rental company. Note airlines do not charge for child safety seats. more info
Q. Are returns to other airport rental locations allowed?
A. Yes, there may be a one-way return fee added depending on dates and locations
Q. How much is gasoline?
A. Please see Florida State Gas Prices.